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Peer-reviewed Publications

Working Papers

Work in Progress

  • The Welfare Effects of Passenger Transportation Infrastructure, with Dave Donaldson, Shanjun Li and Yatang Lin, 2018
  • Quid Pro Quo, Knowledge Spillovers and Industrial Quality Upgrading, with Jie Bai, Shengmao Cao and Shanjun Li, 2018
  • Transportation Policies and Equilibrium Sorting: Evidence from Beijing, with Shanjun Li, Andrew Waxman and Jing Wu
  • Dining on the Government's Dime vs. Dining on Your Own Dime, with Hanming Fang and Shanjun Li
  • China's Emerging Middle Class: How Do They Spend, with Hanming Fang and Shanjun Li
  • Housing Demand and School Choice in Greater Boston, with Parag Pathak and Henry Swift

Other Publications and Non-academic Presentations

  • Panelist at Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice public workshop, "What's New in Residential Real Estate Brokerage Competition," June 2018
  • The Morbidity Cost of Air Pollution: Evidence from Consumer Spending in China, with Shanjun Li, Deyu Rao and Nahim Zahur, VoxEU, Sep 2018
  • Air Pollution, Health Spending and Willingness to Pay for Clean Air, with Shanjun Li, Deyu Rao and Nahim Zahur, VoxChina, Aug 2017